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PT. Global Infotech Solusindo is a company engaged in consulting services computerized programming, webdesign manufacture and event management.

We are trying our best to achieve that target, supported by staff who are experienced in their field. So we will give a best work in supporting the promotion of your company.

Corresponding developments in the world of information technology, the components of which the existence of this very important in supporting the creation of a dynamic market environment and cooperative.

In relation to the iron and steel business in Indonesia which presents the complete information concerning the problems of iron and steel still felt very less.

Therefore, the rationale for the construction of a website STEELINDONESIA.COM is to answer all the problems perceived by the iron and steel businesses in Indonesia.

This website is projected as one of the most complete website that displays all information problems ranging from iron and steel company profile and product information producers, distributors, suppliers, contractors, consultants, and news about the activities in the field of steel construction, even the latest price list will be managed directly by the companies engaged in perbajaan and supporting industries.

Also in the website will also be displayed forum facility to conduct transactions and communications, so expect this website to be a very effective means to exchange information and communication business with no limit of time and space.

Profile, is media-based Corporate Information Portal web-based and designed specifically to accommodate the needs of data and information related to: STEEL INDUSTRIES & CONSTRUCTION INDONESIA.

By building some of the main areas of information include:

  • Information on the company's data and the steel construction industry.
  • Product information and specifications of iron and steel as well as its supporting industries.
  • Provides information about the prices of steel products and supporting industries.
  • Information regarding the applicable standard specification products in several countries.
  • Information category iron / steel following former price list.

In addition steelindonesia also serves as :


Why Steelindonesia

  • As online media that provides information about the steel industry and supporting business yet, so steelindonesia is the only online media that provides information and the steel construction industry in Indonesia.
  • It is a community of manufacturers, service providers and service users in industry and steel construction in Indonesia.
  • Houses all data and information related to the field of industry and steel construction in Indonesia and acts as a bridge of information between manufacturers, service providers and service users.
  • As an independent institution that continues to develop and build a partnership with the parties related to the information needs of the construction sector and the steel industry.
  • Steelindonesia as one of the effective alternative as a promotional space companies, products and services.
  • Steelindonesia as an online information media today has the potential to be a barometer of the information industry and steel construction in Indonesia.
  • With the online media steelindonesia are expected to promote and increase the use of domestic products.

The advantages of being a member

  • Data & company profile will appear online in steelindonesia and could be on the up-date anytime and anywhere quickly.
  • your company part of the community and the steel construction industry in Indonesia so that visitors will easily get the data and information about your company.
  • Your company does not need to spend a high cost to create and perform website maintenance because the model information displayed disteelindonesia very complete and represent the data needs peruasahaan information.
  • Steelindonesia will serve as the backup of important data for each company is a member that can be used at any time.
  • Steelindonesia Steelindonesia Journal will publish every year complete with a whole list of permanent members, list of steel products, steel price list of statistics, etc..
  • Steelindonesia will provide information about the agent or hardware store area.
  • Steelindonesia will provide information about the list of projects planned by the government either through the budget / project budgets and organized private sector.
  • Steelindonesia will work for 24 hours each day to monitor and maintain the security of the data base.
  • Steelindonesia act as a source of knowledge and technologies useful for academics.

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